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Art & Photography \ JUL 25th 2011

Flickr: Still a Key Photo-Sharing Player with Awesome Apps

Cool apps for Flickr

Since Flickr’s launch in 2004, a lot of water have flown under the bridge of the social photo-sharing scene. For many people all over the world, Facebook is now the one and only photo album that they possess and update, both online and offline. In the meantime, Google+ is sneaking in Picasa’s powerful tool, hoping to create new standards for social photo albums. Where does that leave Flickr?

The result of mass photo-sharing has actually led to a further “professionalization” of Flickr. Users who upload only pics of their cat on vacation are now doing it mainly on Facebook. Those actually interested in photography, however, are still having a ball on Flickr.

For professional photographers, learning amateurs and aesthetics-enthusiasts of any kind, Flickr still offers a highly impressive platform to share and display their images online. The quality is better, the images are more protected, and mainly – the photos themselves are the center of attention.

Another target-group that has never left Flickr is stock-image users. Journalists, artists, bloggers, advertisers – they all use Flickr as a huge source for high-quality photos. Naturally, this is yet another incentive for professionals who wish to distribute or even sell their works.

A Community of Photophiles

Furthermore, Flickr is the home of a very active and unique community. It’s a great place to interact with other photographers, receive helpful feedback, exchange ideas and get inspired.  This community is one of the most important reasons for Flickr’s impressive survival skills. It is made of devoted users who contribute excellent content.

A very meaningful achievement of this community is Flickr’s “App Garden” – a collection of API apps created by Flickr users for Flickr users. These different apps are keeping Flickr fresh, adjusting its services to trends and happenings in the online sphere. They range from photo-editing to mobile-sharing, from useful to fun.

We chose a few cool apps that we believe can really improve the Flickr experience, for both photo-sharing and photo-consuming users. Here’s why Flickr is still relevant:

Bubblr – Create comic strips based on Flickr images

Cool apps for Flickr

FlickrFav – Manage your favorite Flickr photos and discover others’ favs – all in an extremely beautiful interface

Cool apps for Flickr

MyPicsMap – Explore Flickr pics based on a geotagged location

Cool apps for Flickr

CardKarma – Use Flickr images to create funky greeting cards

Cool apps for Flickr

ColrPickr – Displays photos from Flickr according to your choice of color on the palette. Very useful when trying to match an image to a site’s layout

Cool apps for Flickr

Fluidr – An alternative platform to view Flickr pics with less loading time, larger image display, more sorting options and other perks

Cool apps for Twitter

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