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Art & Photography \ JUN 2nd 2011

Boom! Bang! Crash! Tips for Shooting Lightning

True, a lightning showcase is an unusual choice now that the weather is warming up but that’s the kind of people we are: capricious. Just like some folks like their ice cream best in the dead of winter, we like our thunderstorms in the summer. If you can relate, grab yourself your favorite fruit smoothie and enjoy these delicious lightning photos.

Photo By A.D.Wheeler

Photo By AlPie

Photo By Antiquarks

Photo By bragithor

Photo By fkeuva3

Photo By cousin_a

Photo By hpioski

Photo By jeffk

Photo By johnpolo

Photo By Jonathan Lamarche

Photo By jtravism

Photo By Krrillo

Photo By Lance Gill

Photo By Parabola-Pop

Photo By queciegaestoy

Photo By stefano de sanctis

Photo By Vimages

Lightning over Table Bay, Cape Town

Photo By Warren-T

Photo By Xxticy

Photo By zoutedrop

Photo By Cal Redback

Impressed? Before you grab your camera and climb up to the roof, take a few minutes to check out this video by digital photography master Mark Wallace of SnapFactory Studio. It has 8 expert tips to help you shoot exquisite lighting photos like the ones seen above.

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