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Small Business Tips \ JUN 13th 2011

10 Tips for Finding Local Jobs

Local Jobs on eBay Classifieds
These days many of us live in a global marketplace. This is especially true of freelancers who may be working for clients in all corners of the world. However, this can be at the expense of looking locally. While working globally opens up lots of new opportunities, local jobs have their own benefits – not least because sometimes (just sometimes) it is nice to meet a client face to face.
But just how do you find a local job? Here are some tips:
1. Use family and friends.
Family and friends can be such a great resource to help you find work – especially when you’re in the beginning stages of your freelance career. Give them a stack of business cards so they can hand them to people they meet who may be interested in your business.
2. Network
Network with small businesses and other freelancers – you should be able to find a chamber of commerce or business network in your local area that can be helpful for generating business. The NYC based Wix Lounge tries to do just that: provide creative professionals with an opportunity to meet, communicate and build helpful relationships.
3. Promote yourself
Put an advertisement in your local shop, local newspaper or local magazine. Many small businesses will want to use a service that they have found locally.
4. Google / Facebook
Use location based Google Adwords / Facebook PPC. This will direct local traffic to your website.
5. Create Affiliates
Offer a commission to local businesses such as Internet Service Providers or print houses in return for referring customers. You could even think about making your clients affiliates by offering a discount to those that bring you more business.
6. Freebies
Offer free consultations to new clients.
7. Collaborate
Consider collaborating with other local business. Are you a web designer? Find a copy writer to write your copy. Photographer? Find a web designer who wants to use your photography.
8. Get Listed
Get yourself listed in a local business directory and the Yellow Pages.
9. Local Job Boards
Check local job boards such as GumtreeCraigslist and Kijiji for local work.
10. Sub-contract
Find larger agencies that can either subcontract or refer work to you.

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