A Musician’s Guide to Facebook

April 21st 2011 | New Features

Remember the time when your band could gain a mass following from a simple Myspace page? You could update and chat with your fans online, while streaming your newest recordings through Myspace’s prominent music player and and sell your CD’s all at once! It was the “wave of the future”, “the new music revolution”, “the velvet Woodstock”.  Then Facebook took over. The mass Myspace exodus began, and all your fans left for a newer, hipper social (network) experience. Thus passes the glory of the world.

This doesn't apply to the king but YOU must be on Facebook

So now what? Don’t discourage. By implementing the next three steps you can fight for and successfully recreate your band’s glory. True musicians never quit!

1) Create Your Facebook Fan Page
Assuming you already have a Facebook profile, make sure you also have a band page. If you’re not sure how to create a FB fan page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your  Facebook account.
  2. Go to Create a Page in Facebook and choose a Fan Page type.
  3. Create Facebook fan page

  4. Click on a Fan Page type and add your details.
  5. Check the checkbox next to “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms”. Click “Get Started”.

You’ve created a new Facebook Fan Page!

After opening your FB fan page make sure you:
√ Invite every person you know to LIKE your band page
√ Add your Facebook fan page link to your band website
√ Update your Myspace status with a link to your new Facebook band page

2) Stand Out! Customize Your Facebook Fan Page with Wix
Facebook offers a pretty basic model when it comes to fan pages, but with Wix you can do so much more with it!
Brand your band, stream your songs, sell your merch, add your music videos, post show dates, and more with Wix’ brand new Facebook templates.

To customize your Band’s Facebook page:

Go here, choose a Facebook template, customize it for your band’s needs and click publish.

Find additional step-by-step instructions here.

DJSkazi Wix Facebook Page

See more Facebook pages created with Wix.


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