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Inspiration \ MAR 23rd 2011

Updating your Website? 5 Trendy Designs You’ll Want to Try

Just like seasonal fashion, web design trends are in constant flux. The forecast for Spring 2011 web wear offers colors and styles from so many beautiful standpoints, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose a fave. Check out this season’s hot new web design styles and find one design that works for you.

1# Pastels and Geometrics
Soft pale hues and geometric shapes are taking form in the graphic web world. Japanese bloggers Dear Oly and Pretty Pretty Yum Yum incorporate these elements in their blog backgrounds. If you’re in the line of fashion, you may want to consider this web look for spring.

Pastels and Geometrics

For this look try these customizable Wix templates: my-own-music, my-album-cover, urban-fusion

2# Photographic Backgrounds
A slick way to capture your visitors’ attention is to hit them with a large and powerful photographic background. Photographer Val Tourchin and makeup artist Sacha Harford both created an instant visual impact using stunning photographs as their back drop.

Photographic Backgrounds

For this look try these customizable Wix templates: the-fashion-lounge, close-up, craft-com

3# Pops of Artful Color
Jolts of color against a pale background is a must-try this season. Paintings and drawings are also adding a warm and artistic experience to online browsing this year. Blogger Michi and Learners Driver Training have both created bold and cheerful places for their visitors to explore.
Pops of Artful Color

For this look try these Wix customizable templates: fashionista, design-studio, art-school

4# Subtle Flash Elements
It’s the simple, almost unnoticeable Flash additions to a website that make all the difference. Many, including photographer Shannon Holm and The Hot Pink Mustache are now choosing automatic image transitions to give their work a professional, clean and modern edge.
Subtle Flash Elements

For this look try these Wix customizable templates: clothes-com, casual-com, mix-master

5# Beautiful Typography
There’s more to a website than color and image. Presenting each message on the page with its own typeface and lettering is an art form in itself. Bonvoy Apparel and graphic artist Samuel Crowder both present an intriguing web space covered with creative type and letter placement.

Beautiful Typography

For this look try these Wix customizable templates: grill-and-bar, cooking-com, little-fashion

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