Top 5 Facebook Apps for Your Business

March 30th 2011 | Promote Your Site

If we tell you that Facebook is good for your business, you probably won’t be too astonished, right? Everyone knows that the world’s largest social network is a great tool for strengthening and expanding your client pool. Not everybody knows, though, that gathering Fans and ‘Likes’ is far from being everything that Facebook has to offer.

One of the best things on Facebook is its huge apps directory. For businesses working on Facebook, apps can provide means to increase traffic, sales and brand awareness.

There are numerous apps out there that promise useful services for business owners. It wouldn’t be fair of us to just send you fishing for apps in the darkness, so we gathered five really sweet ones that we believe can transform how your business engages with its clients.

Wix Your Page

Wix for Facebook

We’re a little biased so we’ll start with our very own app… “Wix Your Page” brings the Wix quality to Facebook. Using one of the many templates designed especially for Facebook, you can display your services and products, promote sales and keep your fan base up to date. The templates are super easy to customize and offer a smooth and simple navigation for your fans. Not only is this app free of charge, it also looks great on Facebook pages, e voila:

Fresh Kicks Australia

RatePoint Reviews and Testimonials

RatePoint Reviews and Testimonials

This app allows you to utilize your already happy customers to gain new ones. It gathers reviews and testimonials, displays them on your Facebook page and generates an overall rating for your service. It’s a great way to gain trust with the new clients, and the old ones will appreciate the opportunity to express their opinion.

WildeFire App’s Promotions

WildeFire App’s Promotions

There’s no denying that coupons, contests, giveaways and sweepstakes have an enormous marketing power. This app combines all of these and creates interactive Facebook-based campaigns with a large viral potential. It’s very good for raising brand-awareness and also gets your client-base more involved.

SlideShare for Facebook

SlideShare for Facebook

SlideShare is well known as a community for sharing and spreading presentations. Its Facebook app allows you to share presentations and documents with your fan base. This is a powerful tool when used creatively by uploading not only informative, but useful or entertaining documents that people enjoy sharing.

RSS.Graffiti’s Wall Feed

RSS.Graffiti’s Wall Feed

This app is a real time saver when it comes to posting updates. It connects to your RSS feed and posts on your wall accordingly. If your blog or site has an active feed, RSS Graffiti will spare you the effort of double-posting, which is especially helpful if you have multiple Facebook pages.

Did you come across other apps that help promote your business website on Facebook? Drop us a comment.


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