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Art & Photography \ FEB 14th 2011

Wix Was Here Contest – Why Isn’t My Photo Showing?

Photo challenge Wix Was Here

We are officially one week away from the closing of the Wix Was Here contest!

What happens in the end? Well, one lucky winner (who won most votes) gets to pick a partner and go on a killer trip to NYC! The second prize winner (‘Wix Judges Choice Award’ ) gets a sexy Samsung Galaxy tab.

During the last couple of weeks, we received THOUSANDS of submissions. Some made us laugh, some moved us, and some were disqualified. DISQUALIFIED?! Yes, because they didn’t fully meet the contest’s requirements.

So just to clarify things, here are examples of good and bad photos:

GOOD – Photos with the Wix Badge (download here!)
Enter the Wix Was Here Photo Challenge

BAD – Photos without the Wix Badge
How to enter the Wix Was Here photo challenge

If your photo was disqualified, don’t panic! You still have a chance to submit a valid photo. All you need to do is:

1. Remove the ‘contests’ app from your Facebook account (here’s how).

2. Reinstall the ‘contests’ app.

3. Go to Wix’ fan page, click on the ‘contests’ tab and submit a new photo that features the Wix badge.

4. Get your friends to vote for your photo!

Good luck everybody!

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