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January 13th 2011 | Designing with Wix
Website Template

Lifestyle Mentor Template

“How calming it is to click on a link to a lifestyle website”, thus thought that Wix studio designer who created the Lifestyle Mentor template. Indeed, everything about this template is relaxing and pleasant. However, that doesn’t mean this template is only useful for users who need a website with chilled vibes.

Our latest investigation reveals how Wix users customize this template to fit their needs, sometimes maintaining the relaxed state stimulated by the original template and sometimes creating something completely different. Check out the following ten websites that were created using ‘Lifestyle Mentor’ and you’ll see that there are endless ways to innovate.

Created with Wix Template

Szkota Nurkowania Diving Website

Created with Wix Template

Bella Bride Wedding Films

Created with Wix Template

Villa Kastel Holiday Website

Created with Wix Template

ADJ Techonology Business Website

Business site Created with Wix

Wagtime Doggie Walking Services

Created with Wix Template

Get a Fan Page Marketing Services

Online Photography Portfolio

B's Photography Portfolio

Created with Wix Template

Buenos Aires Babies Childbirth Services

created with Wix template

Charet Architecture Firm

Created with Wix Template

The Workhouse Bahamas


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