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Promote Your Site \ DEC 28th 2010

Promote your Wix Site on Twitter via Twix of the Day!

Promote Your Wix Site on Twitter via @Wix

Promote your Wix site on Twitter and get Featured as 'Twix of the Day'!

If you’re a Wix veteran, chances are you already know our “Wix of the Day” section, where we feature beautiful Wix sites on a daily basis.

Starting today, we’ll be featuring a similar section that will be entirely dedicated to our Twitter community: “Twix of the Day”.

Every day we’ll be featuring one website that we find strikingly beautiful or inspiring. We’ll be mixing up personal and business websites so check back daily!

How to Apply?

You can apply to become “Twix of the Day” by doing one the following:

  1. If you already published your site, send the following tweet to your followers: “Check out my @Wix Site [URL]!”
  2. If you’re just about to publish your site, simply click the “share on Twitter” button. This will automatically update your Wix site’s URL to your Twitter account.

When publishing your site, hit the ‘Share on Twitter’ button

Share Your Wix Site on Twitter

When publishing your site, hit the 'Share on Twitter' button

My Site was Chosen – What Do I Get?
On top of mass exposure and chance of glory, we’ll be raffling Wix goodies between our “Twix of the Day” winners once a week.

All goodies are available on Wix’ official online store so feel free to pop in and take a look around!

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