Choosing and Buying a Domain Name in 3 Easy Steps

December 22nd 2010 | Promote Your Site

Choosing and Buying a Domain Name

You have one, your cat has one, and even your favorite search engine has one – a name. Naming is how we identify and give meaning to objects, people, places, and yes even websites. In this post, We’ll take you through three steps to snagging the sweetest virtual parking spot for your website.

Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name Registrar
Many Wix users purchase their domains at, a globally known company owing to their Super Bowl commercials. But they’re not the only players in the field. Other established domain name registrars include,, and Prices vary from one supplier to the next but an average com domain would generally cost between $9 – $13 per year. Some sites offer discounts for longer contracts. The process is pretty straightforward: you enter your chosen URL into a box to verify its availability. If it’s available – you’re in luck: skip to step 3. If the URL you want is already taken, or you need some help choosing a domain name, continue reading through step 2 of this post.

Step 2: Help! My Dream URL is Already Taken!
A little flexibility goes a long way with domain names. Say you’re a Philadelphia-based foodie looking to buy a domain for your new ‘street food’ site. Your friends call you “Foodster”, but a quick search indicates that is already registered. How about or Shorter is always better, and simple tweaks can add meaning without adding too much bulk. If you can’t find a name that fits you, you can consider alternative domain endings such as .net or .info. Certain domain name extensions like .us (USA) and .ly (Libya) make for clever and memorable URLs. Three well known websites who made impressive and creative use of domain name extensions are, and

Step 3: Hunt for Deals
An awesome domain is available and you’re ready to call it your own. Before you commit to one supplier, check the competition to hunt for the most attractive deal. If you also need business registration and hosting services there’s a good chance you’ll find an “all-in-one” package that could save you money. That’s it. You’re ready to build your website and show off your wares. And if you are a Philly foodster, the name is fair game. Dig in!


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