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Web Design \ NOV 30th 2010

Wix Website Reviews: Loai’s Design Studio

Loai Bassam presents a highly professional website, with a mature design approach and aesthetic. When I learned Loai’s a teenager, I realized I was dealing with a child prodigy. This is Loai’s design studio website, but he also shows an impressive and diverse body of work on his Wix Arena profile. I wonder if Loai ever rests.

Loai’s website is a living proof of what a talented designer can do even when working with minimal elements. His choice of typeface and text layout are great. The “open canvas” feel and consistent use of blue shades set a mellow mood for the site’s visitors. Loai’s website, as a whole, gives out the impression of a business that is organized and has a sense of quality.

Wix Web Design Review - Loai BassamAt no point while browsing Loai’s website was I frustrated or lost. The website’s flow is great, from the opening page that displays a choice of different languages – but timely states that it’s still under construction, to the smooth navigation menu that allows the visitor to locate any information about the company quickly and efficently.

Wix Web Design Review - Loai Bassam

Loai’s website scores big points for its ‘About’ and ‘Our Services’ sections. All relevant text is emphasized in subtle bold, which makes the information provided far more clear and accessible. This is a good example of drawing the user’s attention to focused areas and controlling the user’s experience.

The ‘Our Services’ tab an HTML widget integrated to it, allowing the visitor to ask for a quote directly from the website and avoid the discomfort of being redirected to another site. The fewer mouse clicks the user has to make the happier they are!

Wix Web Design Review - Loai Bassam

Loai’s ‘Portfolio’ is divided into four design categories: websites, brochures, business cards and logos. A portfolio is the very essence of every design studio. This is where every designer gets their opportunity to show off their talent and skills . Unfortunately, it’s exactly here that he sliders move far too quickly, making it difficult to focus on one piece of work. The lack of possibility to view each site enlarged also leaves much to be desired. What’s also missing is a link to every complete work – screenshots don’t quite cut it. Naturally, Loai’s work is fully viewable through his Wix Arena profile, but his website doesn’t link to it and visitors have no way of knowing where to see his work.

Wix Web Design Review - Loai Bassam

The ‘Our Clients’ tab actually features two links to websites designed by Loai. I was happy to get a chance to view his designs online, yet puzzled regarding this tab’s necessity. It would make more sense to incorporate all designs under the “Portfolio” tab and make sure navigation is intuitive and comfortable.

To conclude, Loai’s website portrays high technical and design skills. It falls under the ‘by the book’ design category, where both aesthetics and usability are given equal weight. Coming from a young teenager, this cannot be anything but incredibly impressive.

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