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Google & SEO \ NOV 18th 2010

Drive Traffic to Your Site via Google Images

Great news for all Wix users! An update was just added to Wix that lets you improve your site’s SEO with ease. Now you can add ALT text to individual images in one smooth step.

This is a great opportunity for you to add relevant, search engine friendly content to your Flash website!

Alt Text

Alt text, or “alternative text”, is a type of meta data that sits inside the HTML code of your site’s page source. The purpose of Alt text is to provide readers and search engines with information about your images. Users who are blind or visually impaired have no idea what your images are unless there is Alt text that can be read to them via a screen reader. Search engine robots are also unable to “read” images – only text. Alt text behind your images is a workaround that provides information about what’s on those images to search engines.

Some visitors choose to turn off images in their web browser, to enhance loading time or due to visual impairment. Now, instead of these visitors encountering a blank box, your Alt text will appear offering information about your image.

Which of Your Images Should Have Alt Text?

  • Images that add information or value to the reader. Decorative images that are merely aesthetic and are not relevant to your site’s content, do not need alt texts.
  • Linked images. Unlike linked text, linked images don’t contain “anchor text”. Add Alt text to a linked image naming the page that the image leads to.
  • Images containing words. For these, simply type the words from the image.
  • Charts, maps and diagrams. The alt text should focus merely on the information presented by these images. The color or size of these items don’t need to be included in your alt text.

How to Add Alt Text to Your Wix:

  1. From inside the website builder, click on a picture.
  2. From the property panel at the bottom, click Settings.
  3. Enter a title for the image. If possible, use keywords.

3 Tips for Writing Great Alt Text


1. Keep your alt text short and to the point.
i.e. “A chocolate donut”, “A map of Orange County”, “A double rainbow”.

2. Write for readers, then robots.
Google’s goal is to provide valuable content to users. This must be your goal as well.

Consider your audience in this order:

1st: Readers with visual impairment who are using a screen reader
2nd: Readers who have turned off images inside their web browser
3rd: Search engine bots

3. Leave out unnecessary text like “photograph of…”, etc.
It’s already clear that the element is an image; you need only describe of what.)

There you have it – a free and easy way to add good, relevant content to your Wix.


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