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Art & Photography \ OCT 18th 2010

Website Review: Sarah Harper Photography

Sarah Harper Photography website created using Wix website builder

There’s something fresh and vivid about Sarah Harper’s website. The combination between her photos and the design create an especially youthful atmosphere, which is indeed a very good move since Harper specializes in senior portraits. Must be fun to work a lot with self-centered teenagers.

The strength of this photography website is that it has a clear voice. The logo, the Contact menu on the right side, the fonts, the photos – they are all in tune with one another, creating a distinct visual personality that is very cheerful and young. Although the design is consequently focused on the target market of seniors, it does not exclude others from enjoying it. This is very important, since Harper also offers her services to other target markets.

The „About“ page is dubbed „Meet Harper“, which is a right move in the direction of establishing a personal connection with the clients. The text on that page is also doing a good job in creating a loosened-up, fun approach to professional photography. It may be better to tone down phrases like „I’m super excited…“. It won’t harm the youthful spirit of the text and it can help in achieving the balance between fun and professional.

Sarah Harper Photography website created using Wix website builder

The photo display chosen on the „Gallery“ page is very appropriate. It has a clean look, is easy to browse through and most importantly – it puts all eyes on the photos. The one thing we would change about the „Gallery“ is its location on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. At the moment, „Gallery“ is situated between „Seniors“ and „Investment“, two pages that discuss the offered services. The users should not be introduced to one service, then to the portfolio and then to other services. It’s simply not the intuitive navigation and also rather confusing.

Which brings us to the „Investment“ page. This page basically details the different services offered by Harper as a photographer. The title „Investment“ should be changed, because it by no means describes what the page is all about. „Services“ would be a much better title.

Sarah Harper Photography website created using Wix website builder

Furthermore, the page is consisted of an album-style gallery that starts with a cover page titled „2010 Product Catalogue“ – not the best title for a photography service that wishes to sport a personal touch. Anyway, using an album as a service catalogue is not a good decision, since it forces the visitors to go through every page in search of what they need. Instead, they should be able to see all the offered services and maybe choose to click on one of them to read more about it. A slideshow with a navigation menu would be more suitable in this case.

Another thing that Harper should ask herself, is whether or not she really wants to separate the „Seniors“ page, which details everything she offers for senior portraits, from the other services. Both separating these pages and bringing them together have their advantages. When kept separated, it is in any case important to add links from one page to the other, pointing the visitors to „More photography services“ or to „Special offers for seniors“ (or any other convincing phrasing that would lure the simpletons to click).

Sarah Harper Photography website created using Wix website builder

Seniors page offering senior portraits services

All in all, Harper’s photography website looks great, works well and requires only slight adjustments to further strengthen the fresh style that it displays. Executed correctly, these adjustments can also have a direct impact on the conversion of site visitors into clients.

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