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October 26th 2010 | Web Design

There are quite a few photographers that use Wix to exhibit and promote their work. Wix is a perfect platform for creating a photography online portfolio, used to showcase or sell your photos. Our studio puts a great amount of work in creating free templates for photographers, designed with great aesthetics in mind. We were, however, pleasantly surprised to see that these templates are also attracting users that don’t have anything to do with photography… Hey, we must be doing something right : )


Wix’ Photo Focus Template

One of these is the Photo Focus template. This template is extremely popular among Wix users, photographers and non-photographers alike. The secret of its success is probably the minimalist simplicity. This template has a very clear structure that is not only easy to browse through, but also very easy to alter. It has a very clean design and a classic fool-proof navigation.

Interesting to see how this template, which focuses on photos and galleries, was transformed by Wix users for a multiple of purposes. The following 15 websites are a small taste, sampled from thousands of sites that were created using Photo Focus. It’s inspirational.

Leah Richardson – Fashion Designer

Rose Cottage

Zealot Industries

Connor Mills – Actor

Consilio Group




ALO Hair Studio

Aber Gazzi – Designer and Stylist

Bezdin Ensemble

Aline e Patricia Photography


Melanie and Brians’s Wedding

The Stand Up Team


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