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September 5th 2010 | Web Design
Website Reviews - Pixar by Priteshdesai

The Pixar website, designed by Wix user Priteshdesai, is apparently a fansite designated in honor of animation giant Pixar.

Like anyone who has seen Pixar films, we also consider the theme of the site totally worthy. Their animation has been kicking butt for decades and they definitely deserve all the praise they can get. We then congratulate comrade Priteshdesai for the initiative.

The layout used for the design is the Pro Photographer template – an oldie but goldie. This template with its fun, young design corresponds well with the theme of the site. It also offers a simple and universal structure that guarantees high usability. Indeed, the navigation within the site is very intuitive.

The site’s designer changed very little in the template and that is perhaps the biggest issue with it. The template – being a template – has the same text and photos on all pages. Having smooth navigation isn’t really of much use when users don’t land fresh and original content every time they click a link. This is a big drawback.

The text on the site is a concise history of Pixar. This is a good opening, but the text lacks a short introduction to the site itself. You can tell that the designer intended to add more information since he created a page titled “Renderman”, which is the awesome animation technology developed by Pixar. Site visitors would have been definitely interested in reading more about this technology. It’s a shame that the page was not completed. As for further content enhancement, we would love to hear more about the films themselves. A short synopsis, a video trailer or even a review by the site’s owner would all have been appropriate.

The visuals used on the site are official pics of the various Pixar films. Too bad the photo gallery is located at the bottom of the page. Also, when clicking on a pic to enlarge, it is being cut because the gallery setting hasn’t been correctly adjusted. Another minor remark – the template comes with an icon of a film negative. The text added to the site clashes with the negative, hiding a few words. Moving the icon few inches to the right will quickly and effectively solve the problem.

To sum up, the Pixar site has a neat potential. With a few simple fixes on the Wix website builder it can also fulfill this potential. The site definitely needs more content – both textual and visual. It is also crucial that the visuals will be optimized for viewing. That’s what Pixar does, and any Pixar fan site should settle for no less.

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