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Web Design \ SEP 20th 2010

Own It! Our Templates: Your Web Design – Round 2

It never ceases to amaze us how creative Wix users can be. Even when it comes to a graphically strong template, you guys still find ways to transform it successfully, make it your own, and that rocks.

Custom Design Wix Flash Template

The original “Custom Design” template

For instance, take a look at the Custom Fashion template. It’s colorful, it’s sassy and it has a clear character. It’s not always easy to work with such a template, and yet the Wix sites created with it are totally awesome.

Custom Fashion is a very vivid template, and its extrovertedness emphasizes the product.This template was designed to exhibit high-quality visuals and is therefore most suitable for sites which boast a beautiful image gallery.

The template has a rather minimal homepage – hardly any text and only one repeating image. This is a bold statement that creates curiosity and anticipation. The “Collection page” is a thumbnail-based photo gallery. It’s a mosaic that works especially well with images that focus on one object. The “About page”, again, offers a relatively minimal text, directing the viewer’s eyes to an image. On the “Press” page, an infrastructure for external links was created. It can be used for YouTube videos, downloadable files, PR, etc. The “Contact” page offers both contact information and a contact form, which adds a touch of interactivity.

So how did Wix users choose to play around and make a website with “Custom Fashion”? Let’s have a look and see.


ProAps Created based on Wix' Flash Template

DGB Online

DGB Online Website was created with Wix.com Flash Template

Handmade Textiles

Handmade Textiles Website was created using Wix.com Flash template


BFrye Productions

BFrye Productions' Website was created using a Wix.com Flash Template


Cen Cal Extreme Fitness

Cen Cal Extreme Fitness' Website was created with a Wix.com Flash template

Audrey Griffin

Audrey Griffin's website was created with a Wix.com Flash template

White Blossom Events and Weddings

White Blossom Wedding and Events' website was created with a Wix.com Flash template

DJ Bobby Drake

DJ Bobby Drake's website was created with a Wix.com Flash template

Domij Collection

Domji's website was built using a Wix.com Flash template





CKS Portraits

CKS Portraits' photography website was created using a Wix.com Flash template

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