Photo of the day by Nathalie Hupin

Wix | August 9th 2010

Photo of the Day by Nathalie Hupin
Photo By Nathalie Hupin

“I’m a semi-professional Belgian photographer. Actually, I have two jobs : a job with a regular appointment and a free-lance job, photography. I’ve published my first photography book in 2007 (Carnaval de Binche, fête d’hommes, regard de femmes) at Racine editions.

I love horses and I like photography them, although it’s particularly difficult. Because of the quick moves, because a horse is free in his mind and sometimes he doesn’t go where you want he goes ! I like very much arabian horses too. The horse on the picture is a 5 years old mare imported from Hungary (Babolna), she is a Shagya arabian, specific line of arabians. She’s lovely and very “aristocratic”.
On this picture, I like white : white horse on white background (because of the cloudy weather), I like the wind in her hairs and I like the graphic side, although it’s a natural subject. I’ve chosen it for the Home page of my new website (by Wix!!!) dedicated at Equestrian photography.”

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