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July 9th 2010 | Photography

Website Reviews-Tina Crespo Photography

Tina Crespo’s Photography is a curiously delightful website. Its milky-dreamy design, engulfed in muted greys and whites, creates a riddle; an irresistible invitation to come explore.

Tina’s photos are presented in an unconventional way: an accordion gallery featuring thirteen carefully selected photos. This is a minimal and brave choice for a photography website, although clients who are interested in getting the bigger context might be disappointed: photos have no names, no descriptions and no specs. This is a classic example of the historical artistic freedom over usability debate, and Tina certainly lets us know which side is she on. God help us but we can’t help loving her choice.

However, and since we do want your online photography portfolios to be successful, there are a few precautions to be made when presenting your art in a non-conventional way. Like making sure that all other elements are reassuring and grounding. This is where Tina’s photography site falls short: her biographical info is sketchy, there’s no downloadable CV to skim through, no information about awards won or clues regarding services and pricing. What we’re missing here is a strong photographer’s presence to hold all the pieces together.

The visuals for the “shop” and “blog” are strikingly beautiful and confirm the client’s assumption of a gifted artist. Tina certainly wins extra points on designing a photography website that feels naive and non-commercial – and this, ladies and gentlemen – takes talent. The “Contact” page might not be the natural place for a shop though. A shop should be visible and accessible, not stumbled upon. Tina should also consider integrating the shop into her own website to make for a more holistic user experience.

Altogether this is a great website with refreshing twists and a definite vision. A tad more business sense is all we feel it requires.

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