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Art & Photography \ JUL 23rd 2010

Promote your Photography: Join the World’s Top Ten Photography Festivals

A common problem freelance photographers have is attracting traffic to their portfolios. Part of Wix’ Photography Blog mission is to help you guys promote your business once you’re done designing your photography websites.
One great way to generate online exposure and increase traffic to your website is participating in photography competitions. Winning a competition or earning a citation can dramatically spike your traffic and engage you in an ongoing conversation with colleagues and art connoisseurs.
Take a leap into the world outside the web and see the amazing festivals that are taking place all around our big round world. There’s something for everybody so roll up your sleeves and get ready to get to work.
1. The Singapore International Photography Festival. A unique month long biennial in South-East Asia, a one-of-a-kind culturally stimulating event that combines both Asian and international photographers. SIPF has an open call to all photographers around the world with no restriction to specific themes, so go ahead submit your work!
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
2. International Nature Photography Festival of the GDT. This one is for you nature aficionados out there, celebrating nature’s and wildlife’s glory. The festival takes place in Holland and opens its submissions each year to international nature photographers. Alongside exhibitions and rewards, the festival offers an impressive program of lectures, seminars and workshops discussing all aspects of nature photography.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
3. The IP Photo Awards invites passionate photographers, professionals and non-professionals alike, to compete for the title of International Photographer of the Year, a prestigious title, which comes with an impressive cash prize as well as publications and exhibitions. The entries also compete in categories such as: Editorial, Advertising, Nature, Architecture, Portraiture, Specialty Media, Fine Art and Photography Book. Don’t let the title startle you, this competition can open amazing opportunities even if you don’t end up winning photographer of the year.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
4. NYPH Photo Festival Probably the most known, influential and talked about photography festival. Where else can an event like this take place if not in Big Apple-NY. Here there is something for everyone; it truly celebrates the art of photography.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
5. CONTACT is one of the largest photography events in the world, a month long festival that takes place in Toronto, exhibiting over 1000 local, national and international artists. The 2011 Festival is open for submissions under the interesting theme of Figure & Ground.
Promote Your Photography Submit Your Work
6. FotoFest presents Itself as “A Platform for Art and Ideas”, the international biennial festival is part of a non-profit organization that promotes photographic art. As the first International photography biennial in the U.S it’s a one-of-a-kind international festival that takes place in Houston, Texas. The next FotoFest Biennial will take place in March-April 2012. Information on the 2012 Biennial, its theme and submission information will be available in September 2010, so mark the date and stay updated.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
7. Chobi Mela VI. Another great Asian photography festival will take place for the fifth time on the 1st of January 2011 in Bangladesh. Don’t miss the open call for Photographs under the wide and timeless theme of Dreams. The deadline is August 7th 2010.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work
8. Visa Pour L’image . A fascinating festival of photojournalism that takes place in Perpignan, France. All that’s happening in photojournalism comes here and it explores and presents photojournalism with all its power.

9. Hyères International Fashion & Photography Festival is with no doubt one of the most conceptual festivals in France, showcasing the latest trends in Fashion and Photography. It’s a month long event of continual fashion shows and photographic exhibits. The submission deadline for 2011 is 1st of November.

Promote your Photography Submit your Work

10. Festival Union. Festival of Light. If you haven’t found the festival for you or if you are just curious to see what else is out there, check out these two excellent websites for comprehensive information about photography events that are happening worldwide.
Promote your Photography Submit your Work

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