Kimberly Nunneley Photography website

July 19th 2010 | Photography
Kimberly Nunneley Photography website
Kimberly Nunneley’s website design is a dramatic black and white with playful Goth elements: a tree with thorny branches, a nirvana of flying bats and vampiric typography. Design wise this is an original and brave statement but it doesn’t necessarily jibe with the rest of Nunneley’s portfolio. A Gothic design is classic for atmospheric or fetish photos but seems a little less natural in the context of a commercial editorial portfolio.
One great feature are the menu’s buttons. Rather than using Wix’ default buttons, Kimberly creates her own design using beautiful thumbnails. The font color, however, should be a little more pronounced.
Another great feature is Kimberly’s use of animation. Click on her logo and you’re in for a treat. Classic.

Kimberly’s work is versatile. The “Personal” category adds a sincere touch to her photography portfolio and throws in an invitation into her artistic vision. As viewers, it’s an invitation we’re delighted to receive.

The main problem with Kimberly’s photography site is the complete absence of text. We’ve already discussed the importance of using text in our reviews of Tina Crespo‘s and Paige Stumbo‘s photography websites. We would start by creating an “About” page with a bio, links to other channels where Kimberly is active and information about her services. Portfolios cannot rest on talent alone.

Kimberly Nunneley, is, beyond doubt, a gifted photographer. If she works an ounce of her creative energy into creating complimentary text, her portfolio would make quite a compelling viewing experience.

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