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Art & Photography \ JUN 28th 2010

Paige Stumbo Photography Website

Paige Stumbo Photography Website

Paige Stumbo’s Photography website has a clean, modern design. The background color melts into the website, highlighting the white text and giving it a definite and discernible look.

The navigation menu bar is artfully located at the bottom left corner of the screen and is consistent throughout the website. Structure wise, Paige’s photography website is a perfect miniature with continuous tones and smooth transitions.
Paige’s choice of categories is original, proof of a fresh attitude and a creative mind. Her choice of photos is also original; a dog’s photo listed under the “Love” category is a wonderful example.

The one thing that’s missing here is TEXT. We keep getting back to this point as this seems to be a typical problem with photographers’ websites. Thinking your photos will sell themselves is a common misconception that is costing you traffic and leads.
Websites that have poor text content don’t get crawled and indexed by search engines. If your photography site isn’t indexed, clients won’t be able to find you. Paige’s website needs an “About” section containing at least 400 words. Adding a relevant footer with useful text is also a great idea.

Text isn’t only the best SEO tool – Text sells. Clients wishing to hire a photographer will be encouraged by a sneak peek into Paige’s world, lifestyle and vision. We all want to know who the person behind the photos is and as clients we expect our photographer to appear talented, savvy and familiar.

To sum up, Paige’s site is a well designed photography website with incredible potential. To achieve its full potential it needs a little personal touch, more biographical information and a chunk of relevant text that can be easily crawled by search engines.

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