BLANKETBACK Photography Website

June 22nd 2010 | Photography
BLANKETBACK Photography Website
Blanketback Photography By Jed Davis is black and white based website. A black and white color scheme is always a classic and timeless choice but more so for photography site. It is a neutral color scheme, accentuating the photos presented, giving them a powerful and dramatic presence.

BLANKETBACK Photography Website (canines)

Jed’s website is arranged in a Mini Page structure. Both header and menu are cleverly omnipresent and the content displayed varies according to the user’s clicks. This structure makes for an intuitive and smooth navigation experience – a key element in achieving reduced bounce rate and increased time on site.

Jed’s photo Mini Pages are straight forward, containing big, clear headers and thumbnail menus. There’s no sensory overload, the pages are pleasant to look at and it’s clear that every photo was meticulously chosen. Jed truly sets out to give us his very best.

One tiny comment we have, when designing a photography website the home page needs to have a clear structure. So we would change Jed’s from:

It’s current state:

BLANKETBACK Photography Website - Current state
Here’s our suggestion:

BLANKETBACK Photography Website - After
In terms of design, Jed’s is a solid and elegant website. What’s missing is additional info

about the photographer. Jed could really benefit from creating an extended bio section, where he shares more of his life and his vision with the viewers. There’s no information about pricing or services offered either. This might create the impression that Jed has no real hands-on experience.

Another important element that is missing are links to other venues where Jed is active. A photographer’s portfolio is their ‘mother ship’ and once you have visitors on board you can redirect them to your blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, etc. Since HTML can now be easily embedded into Wix sites, Jed can introduce interactivity to his portfolio literally within minutes.

To sum up, Jed’s photography website is definitely off to the right start. Minute changes on his home page, additional biographical data and a little interactivity could take his website to a whole new level.


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