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Designing with Wix \ MAY 2nd 2010

Organizing your Photos into Themes

We’ve had many emails from photographers asking how to organize photos in a clean and simple way. Breaking your photography website into different themes is important. It shows your diversity as a photographer and also allows clients to instantly zoom in on the section they’re most interested in. Someone who’s looking for a wedding photographer might be less interested in your baby photos and will be happy to skip straight to your dedicated weddings gallery. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. If you haven’t worked with Mini pages before, I suggest you read this post first. It will teach you everything you need to know about creating a rock solid website structure using Mini pages.
  2. Go to your blank portfolio Mini page. Create another Mini page, minimize it a little, and drag it so it fits well into the original Mini page.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave some room for a future menu to be placed on the original Mini-page. Confused? Here’s an example of a portfolio page that does exactly that:

Categorize your pics

3. Think of the first theme you’d like to create (e.g., ‘Weddings’). Create a photo gallery and upload your best photos. Take your time choosing gallery skin, settings and expand mode. Once you have a well designed and functional gallery you could duplicate it for use on all your future themes!

Categorize your pics

Categorize your pics

4. Click on the new Mini page, go to ‘Manage’ and name your first Mini page (‘Weddings’). Now click ‘duplicate” and name additional Mini pages according to the themes you need (e.g., “Corporate events”, “Sports events”, “Baby shower”, etc).

Categorize your pics

5. You now have a few different Mini pages with the same gallery (‘Weddings’).

6. For each theme, replace existing photos with new relevant ones. You can either batch delete all photos from the gallery or replace them one at a time.

Categorize your pics7. Click on your new Mini page and choose ‘Add menu’. Be sure to place your menu outside the new Mini page and on the original Mini page.

Categorize your pics

Categorize your pics

Menu selection tips:

  • Menu can be text only.
  • For text and image or image only menu, choose ‘Thumbnail menu’.
  • If you don’t like the Thumbnail menu default display, you can easily change it by clicking on the menu, choosing ‘Manage’ and clicking ‘Replace icon’.
  • If thumbnail images fail to appear in a single line, go to ‘Settings’ and unselect ‘Infinite loop’.
  • Wanna add titles to your photos? Click on the menu, choose ‘Replace skin’ >> ‘Show info: Title’.

7. Once your’e done, sit back and review your work. If you feel you’d like to change themes order of appearance, make the necessary changes through your Mini page, not the galleries.

Need some more inspiration? This template, ‘Closeup’, has a portfolio page that was created in the spirit of this tutorial. Enjoy!

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