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Wix News \ MAR 21st 2010

Springtime on Wix’ Media Center: New 100 Photos from Fotolia

New Fotolia photos available on the Wix editorFeel your Wix flash website needs a little touch-up? Missing that one special photo to complete your website? Search no further. Wix and leading image bank Fotolia are joining forces to bring you an outstanding selection of high quality photos.

We’ve just uploaded a ‘Fotolia’ tab to the editor with a little over 100 fresh photos. Go to ‘Media Center’>’Pics’>’Fotolia and start browsing. Try as many photos as you like – at this point photos will be watermarked – and take your time deciding which best suit your needs.

Can’t find the photo you’re looking for on the editor? No sweat. Click on any photo under the Fotolia tab and you’ll be redirected to Fotolia.com, where you’ll find a huge selection of photos for you to choose from.Once you’ve made your pick you’ll be asked to purchase the image rights for publishing.

Following this batch we’ll be updating our database regularly and hope to have a total of new 1000 photos in the course of the next few months.

For any questions or feedback about this new service feel free to drop us a comment below.

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