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Google & SEO \ FEB 4th 2010

Promoting Your Flash Website Using Social Networks

Social Media Series

Different links have different ratings and different levels of importance, depending on the source page’s “PageRank”. You may also have noticed that your Facebook and Twitter profiles have a pretty high PageRank. So how do you use it?

Matt Cutts posted this short and interesting vlog on this subject recently.

Here’s a summary of his key points:

If your Facebook profile is completely public, then Google can register its PageRank and use it to transfer the ‘link juice’ to your Wix website. Of course, if your profile isn’t public then Google can’t register the PageRank and then this link won’t the same weight and value. It has standard marketing value, but in terms of SEO, you might want to consider opening a public profile specifically for promotional purposes. It’s just a very powerful tool.

twitterTwitter usually adds no-follow to its outgoing links to prevent spamming so its links aren’t as relevant to the SEO cause. Check out his video to learn more on this subject.

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