New Icons on the Editor

December 17th 2009 | Wix News

It’s the Holiday Season and the web is awash with reindeers, stockings, snowmen and red bows with enough sparkling lights to trigger an epileptic seizure or make you crawl under the covers wishing you were Amish. Yes, my friends, these are not simple times for design snobs to be alive in: tacky color schemes are taking over the web, leaving us minimalists to groan in our white IKEA chairs.

But here’s a little ray of light for all of you out there craving something clean and simple. Our Studio Designer, DD, has created beautiful, stern icons which would be perfect for anyone wanting to give their website a minimalist look and / or a sober undertone.  All icons are instantly available on the Editor in either black or white, and can be easily customized using the ‘tint’ effect.

New Icons



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