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Promote Your Site \ DEC 22nd 2009

Monetizing Your Website for Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and the market seems to be picking up after a year that will probably go down as one of the gloomiest periods in the world’s economic history.  As always happens during crisis, we’ve been seeing an amazing amount of creativity and innovation from you. Really guys, I have to hand it to you – you’ve been leading guerilla warfare against the recession and you gave it everything you got:  you’ve been making risk-free introductory offers, throwing incentive discounts, utilizing social media (Twitter widget), and emphasizing your core values.

Since it’s the holiday season, we were curious to see how you’d revamp your websites to attract shoppers and spread some Christmas cheer. Here are some inspiring ideas we hit across the way:

1. Seasonal Business

Christmas is wonderful opportunity for small entrepreneurs to put their talent to use. If you play your cards right, once given initial exposure, your seasonal business might grow into something larger: a year round venture or a full-service.  Want to make your mark this Christmas? There’s still time! Using Wix, you can create a special timely website, a promotion or a landing page and get them on air today.

2. Holiday Promotions

Dressing your website for Christmas is vital for giving your business a fresh, up-to-date and welcoming look.  Clients nearly expect you to do it and will most likely reward your efforts, given that you throw in a little holiday bonus for them.  Wix websites are so easily customizable, that in 10 minutes you can get your logo to sprinkle snowflakes, change your background settings to Christmassy colors and have a reindeer to greet your clients. No Fee. No Fuss. No Sweat.

3. Send your Clients a Christmas eCard

Your clients are your partners. Keeping them happy is not an extra but part of your commitment to them. Creating a personalized, hand-made Christmas card is so much nicer than sending a standard greeting (and it’s absolutely free!).

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