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Art & Photography \ DEC 6th 2009

Website Review: Doron Stein’s Photography

Fashion and Model Photographer Doron Stein started fiddling with cameras at an early age but became seriously hooked when someone broke into his apartment in the States and stole all his photo equipment. In a mystical twist of fate, his insurance company came through and replaced the stolen goods with a Canon D10, his first digital camera. The Canon D10 gave Stein a different way to pursue his artwork: along with the new technology came new online photography communities, which provided photographers with a space to discuss and perfect their technique. Stein began exploring digital photography and found that the freedom of the technology inspired him to approach the creative process in a fresh way. “I could, for the first time in my life, take hundreds of pictures, see the details and go a little bit further with each one. That was really the beginning of something new.”

Stein is a veteran photographer, whose work spans a range of diverse domains: fashion and style, make-up, body and fetish, street and urban photography.

Recently, Stein has donated some of his photos for use on Wix new fashion and make-up templates.  We hope you’ll find them as inspiring and as vibrant as we have:

Doron Stein's Photography

“Photography is a bridge among people of different vocations, locations and lifestyles” ~ Doron Stein

Doron Stein's Photography

“I don’t sign my photos. No great photographer ever did”. ~ Doron Stein

Doron Stein's Photography

“A good model is someone who’s extremely aware of her surroundings and is brave enough to follow her instincts and respond to it”. ~ Doron Stein

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