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Promote Your Site \ NOV 20th 2009

Wix Tips: Web Design Portfolio Assets

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a lot of portfolios created on Wix.  We’ve seen some remarkable work!  Since there are so many portfolios created every day, we’d like to share some tips to help you build the best site possible.  Here’s a list of the five most important assets to have on your professional portfolio.

Creative Portfolio

1. Creative Work Examples

Lead your site with creative work examples.  You want this to be the main attraction.  Make sure that every item in your portfolio is a completed piece.  If you have a large body of work, you may want to select your best 8 to 12 pieces to display.

Make sure to include the details about each piece including client’s name, start date, complete date, project objectives and materials used.  If you are showcasing a website, make sure you include an active link.

2. Client History

To maximize your credibility, showcase a list of the clients you’ve worked with in the past.  Highlight the most recognizable ones.  If a client has given you a positive recommendation, ask for their permission and quote them on your site.

3. Services and Work Rates

Potential clients should be well aware of the services you offer.  Make sure they are presented in a clear and concise fashion.  If you offer several different services, group them together by category.

Be careful!  Listing work rates can either work for or against you.  If your business has fixed rates for creative services, it will be important to list them openly.  Otherwise, if your rates change on a project basis, take the opportunity to direct potential clients to contact you for a discussion on budget and scope.

4. Company Info

Here’s a chance to tell your story.  Keep it brief and exciting.  Proudly showcase the awards and accomplishments you’ve received throughout your career.  Display the professional organizations that you belong to.  This may also be a great place to post a resume for download.

Don’t forget to include your logo and/or portrait.

5. Contact Form

Your contact form should be a place where clients can contact you directly.  You may want to include other contact information including your business phone number and address.  Feel free to provide links to the rest of your web-universe including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more information about developing your portfolio, visit the Wix Learning Portal or visit these fantastic examples on Wix:

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