Seek and Design: Using City Directories to find Clients

November 29th 2009 | Google & SEO has revolutionized the simplicity of web design. Millions of sites have been created by designers, photographers, entertainers and small business around the world! Yet, the fact is, over 40% of businesses do not have a website. This number is unsettling considering 82% of consumers turn to the search engines when finding a local business.

Why don’t they have websites? Well, your guess is as good as ours. But we believe that most business have not found professional quality designers at an affordable price. (That’s where YOU come in!)

Using business directories, it’s easy to find and connect with the companies that lack an online presence. Should you be an ambitious Wix designer looking to help these companies, here is the best way to use these directories:

City Directories and are online directories that have detailed listings of restaurants, bars, hotels and beauty salons in every major city in America. When you queue a search, sometimes you will see listings without a website link. That’s a pretty good sign that they are missing a web presence all together.

The black arrow indicates where the website is located. The red arrow shows no website available.

If you find a business without a website, do a little research. Check Google or Yahoo and make sure nothing comes up in a web search. Sometimes the owner simply failed to update their listing. If nothing comes up, however, you’ve found a potential client! Contact them by phone (listed) or meet with a manager at the given address.

Search Directories
Google Maps and Yahoo Local have business listings, usually to compliment their map services. You can use these resources in the same way.

Google Maps

Google Maps

As you can see, even businesses that appear on search engine directories do not always have a website.

Make sure you always approach potential clients with tact and respect for their business. Once you develop a relationship and show them the advantages of a website, you may have won a client for life. Good luck and happy searching!


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