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Google & SEO \ OCT 1st 2009

Understand the Code of Your Flash Website

Many of you have been asking good questions about the code of your Wix Flash website.

understanding source img2 Right Click for the Source.

In order to see the code of your website you simply need to right click your mouse and choose the command ‘view source’. If you’re trying to do so but can’t find the ‘view source’ command this is because you are hovering over a Flash element, and the right click is giving you options relevant to Flash. Simply move your mouse over to the perimeters of your website and try again.

The code of any website, Flash, Wix or otherwise, will appear in tags. The tags begin with a rectangular bracket and end with another closing bracket. The area in between contains all the information regarding that specific command or sequence. The three main Meta tags will normally appear at the top of the source page. If you can’t see them, search (Ctrl + F) for the word ‘description’ or ‘title’ and you’ll find it soon enough.Source Image1

Using Headers. Headers appear in the source code with the letter H symbolizing them. Usually, a website will have several headers, and they will be numbered according to their rank. This means that you can have an H1, H2, H3 etc. Google and the other search engine crawlers use headers as part of their indexing process. They will also prioritize the importance of the header depending on its number. In your Wix website headers are created using the Title tool in the editor. They are automatically arranged in order of importance depending on the size of the font.

understanding source img3

Another cool tip regarding headers has to do with the page name. In the Wix website builder you have the option of changing the names of your pages. These will appear as headers inside your website’s source code. If you decide not to give them unique names they will be automatically identified as ‘Page 1’, ‘Page 2’ etc.

Google Update. The Google crawler uses many different parameters to rank a website. The meta tags and headers are one of those parameters but keyword meta tags are not one of those. In a recent post in their official Google webmaster blog they confirmed that they have not been using the keyword Meta tag for ranking purposes for some time. This is due to severe spamming of the keyword meta tag. Google has a Google Search Appliance that is capable of matching meta tags and will use the keyword meta tag for this purpose, but this is NOT related to the main web search.

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