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Google & SEO \ OCT 8th 2009

The Slow Decline of the Keyword Meta

It’s official! Yahoo is no longer using meta keywords for ranking purposes either.

A few weeks ago Google came out with an official announcement stating that it does not use the keyword Meta tag to rank websites. According to Google, this has been the case for a very long time, as a result of the excessive spamming of this particular Meta tag.

Now Yahoo has just announced the same during the Ask The Search Engines: Best Practices Edition at the SMX East conference. Later during a Q&A session with Cris Pierry, Senior Director of Search, Yahoo also noted that Yahoo no longer refers to the Meta keyword for its rankings and that in fact, Yahoo has not been using it for several months.

Just to clarify matters, this does not affect keywords in general, but only the keyword meta tag. This is the tag you fill in when you enter the settings menu (from the top of the Wix editor) and fill in up to ten keywords with comas separating them. This Meta is also still relevant if you use different paid search applications, both by Yahoo and Google. In any case, as you optimize your website, it’s quite useful to write down your keywords before you write them into your description Meta tag (still very important) and title Meta tag (also crucial) along with the rest of the texts in your site.

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