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Designing with Wix \ APR 8th 2009

Pretty Sites for Pretty People – Wix’ New Modeling Category

Models and those who enjoy staring at them will probably love our new Web Design category, which is devoted to help models and actors flaunt their natural talents with ease.

A hot website is the new heroin chic. If you want to succeed in the biz, you need a good site to help you stand out. It’s true for every business, but even more so when what you’re selling is your looks.

After observing the Wix sites under the new category, we wanted to sketch some basic tips for creating modeling/acting sites.

The most important part is, of course, the image gallery. Make sure you choose the best type of gallery to fit your style. For instance, classic black and white photos will probably look better with a Photo Album gallery, while funkier pics go very well with a Slider gallery.

Since the photos are the essence, it’s best to keep the rest of the site’s content quite clear and simple. Flashy texts and animations can distract the visitor’s eye from what matters most.

For faster loading of the images, it’s best to work with regular site pages, not with Mini Pages. It will also work faster if you divide the photos between separate pages, and not upload all of them to one page.

Here are some cool examples of steaming modeling sites. You can find more in the Explore page (under Website). Check these out:

Carrieamstutz' Modelling Site on Wix

ginnmmous' modelling site on Wix

MixKitten's modelling site on Wix

And if you want to create your own modeling or acting site, I recommend these two flash templates. You can find them in the Create page (the first is under Website->Personal and the second under MySpace->MySpace Layout):

"My Personal Portfolio" Template

"MySpace Model" Template

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