Texas Prime Catering sees 30-40% increase in Business with Wix

February 18th 2009 |

Caterers often focus their energies in the areas that matter: providing food, service and an overall experience that surpasses the competition. Online marketing tends to be a lower priority, but is equally as vital as word-of-mouth references, for creating business growth.

Texas Prime Catering is a small catering business located in the Dallas area recognized the value of having a dynamic web presence in order to grow its business.

Terry Sullivan, co-owner of Texas Prime Catering, researched a number of web design options and found that Wix provided the easy-to-use design flexibility to develop an online brand that resonates in the marketplace.

With Wix, Mr. Sullivan was able to easily and quickly develop a dynamic web site that features photos of entrees, and plans on posting multiple videos from events that Texas Prime Catering hosts.

According to Terry, Wix has tremendously helped enhanced the company’s overall marketing efforts. Since they launched the Wix web site a few months ago, they have seen a 30-40 percent increase in traffic to the site, as well as a significant bump in the catering business. In addition, Terry has received many compliments on the overall professionalism of the web site.

Finally, Terry believes that his web presence is the most critical part of his marketing efforts, and Wix has played a major role in making his company successful.

To hear a podcast of Mr. Sullivan discussing why he chose Wix to make his site, check out the Small Company Big Image Blog.

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