New Version Update: 300 Coffees, 15 Cakes and a lot of Bug Fixes

February 8th 2009 | Wix Updates

It’s been a long last week (lots of coffee and cake…) and we couldn’t have done it without you!

As you know we’ve launched a new version and we’re really excited to give you new and easier design capabilities and we’ll be adding more and stuff in the coming weeks!

We’ll give you a full round-up of all the changes once they’re all up but in the meantime we wanted to say:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND FEEDBACK!

From your creations over the last few days we can see that you’re using the new components (check out the latest Wix of the day for an example of new menus and more). And thanks to your feedback we’ve been able to catch (and fix…or be on the way to fixing) bugs in this version.

We’re still a young company and we’re committed to learning every time we do something new.  And what we learned from this version was that next time we upload a major version we’ll be asking you to volunteer as beta testers!

Looking forward to more of your creations and please keep your feedback coming:

The Wix Team


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