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October 27th 2008 | Wix

Fresh from, you’ll find simple beautiful apps waiting for you on the Wix editor. Find out more below, and don’t forget to check out your special offer!

For a live demo of our news apps and to take advantages of your special offer hit:

Latest Apps:

2 Types of Page Flip Books:

Now you can effortlessly create books with that cool page flip effect in minutes. To make a book with purely pictures, hit the Wix editor under Widgets > Photo Albums. To fill your book with text, vids, pics and more, go to Widgets > Mini Page and select a book from the Mini Page gallery.

Google Maps:

Make it easy for your users to find you. Easily add maps, driving directions and more to your sites with Google Maps for Wix.You’ll find this feature in the Widgets section of the Wix Editor.

Your Special Upgrade Offer:

We’ve launched Wix Premium Upgrades and there’s a special offer waiting just for you.

But be sure to Upgrade your Wix site before November 15th so you don’t miss out.


Our new features and offers are driven by your feedback!

So don’t be shy, let us know what you think:


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