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July 16th 2008 | Web Design

Of course I love all of you out there using Wix…but I wanted to take the time to plug some of my favourite Wix! It isn’t not just that I like them (ok I love them). It’s because they do more than just give us a great visual experience… they are here to promote something of value. Here are just some of the Wix being created for not-for-profits or for making this world better :

The A.N.A open source project,

You can find all about the A.N.A here (A Wix site, of course)

Bullying UK

One of the leading anti-bullying charity, Bullying UK, has created a junior Bullying UK site for young people under 10 using Wix. We are proud to be a part of it!

Frames of reality
The Peres Center for Peace, in partnership with Local Testimony, has launched “Frames of Reality” with a Wix site – a unique endeavor for Palestinian and Israeli photographers.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


E learning: Purdue University

Quiggly’s Clayhouse – is a fun and safe art studio for children and adults. Members can paint pottery, make mosaics, sculpt clay, fuse glass and learn to use the pottery wheel

Rocs: A day of

I hope they’ll give you the inspiration to create a free Wix for your own non-profit organization, or perhaps offer your services to create one for your favorite charity. (And do let me know if you do – I’ll always be happy to support projects like this and share them with the Wix community)

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