Wix is TWS2008 Winner!

July 6th 2008 | Wix News

As i can quote from the post in Mashable:

Wix Website Builder is the TWS2008 Winner

“Europe’s new Internet conference, TWS2008, is an exciting conference that takes place in July 1st in Tel Aviv, Israel. The conference is organized by the Israeli popular blog the.co.ils and aims to find and present the 10 most promising Internet startups in Israel”

So, we spend all day by the stand, listen to panels (”the future of TV, is it gonna happen?” or something like that :-) ) and talking with people about Wix, good time.

TWS2008 Winner Wix.com

Thanks to Yaron and Yami from the.co.ils

After all that we run back to the office, to publish the first Wix Magazine (and newsletter) BY:YOU

check it out….

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