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June 29th 2008 | Wix News

The media is starting to shower us with attention, and we love attention so we’re sharing. Here’s what people have to say about Wix.com:

  1. On 25.6.2008 the tech blog Techcrunch wrote about Wix going to open beta
  2. On 25.6.2008 the tech blog Centernetworks wrote about Wix going to open beta
  3. On 25.6.2008 the COOL WEB 2.0 APPS FOR EVERYONE – Webware wrote about wix: Stunning site maker Wix now open to all

Read More:

  • Isragood: here
  • Download squad: here
  • Webdev 2.0: here
  • Website Magazine: here
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…: here
  • NEW MEDIA: here
  • The Earth Times: here
  • Animaltech: (Hebrew) here
  • killerstartups: here
  • LocalLab : foire aux infos: here


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