Wix Becoming More People-Friendly

May 15th 2008 | Wix News

We allow ourselves to think that from time to time you got this crazy idea and you want to show or introduce Wix to your friends. Well, from now on – you don’t need to write to us and ask an invitation for your friends!

Look for the modest “Invite Friends” button we added to your “My Account” (5 for now – you can e-mail us if you need more) use it! it’s almost fun :-P

Your friends and Wix

Another new thing that we really like – is our new Wix Forums. In this place you’ll be able to tell us what you think, to ask for new features and complain about all our sins, for now we’ve got 2 forums, the main is for support, we’ll try to update it every time issues will come up and we cant wait until you’ll fill it with bugs and problems.

The other forum is for you to talk about – well, everything, the general chat.

Introducing the Wix community on our forum

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