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Designing with Wix \ MAY 11th 2008

Brainstorming on Wix Widgets

In the past few days we were busy with trying to build all kinds of widgets for bloggers using Wix. We figured it would be a good idea to share them with you guys. If you want to share your own ideas about these ones, or maybe even offer some original ones, drop us a comment here and we’ll take it into consideration.

The “where i am” widget:
As you can see, these are all kinds of icons (we will supply Wix icons to known Social networks and services very soon) that are linked to various networks. The fun thing is that you can:

  • Customize the way your widget looks like (colors, effects, sounds)
  • Fit the size of the widget to your blog/profile/whatever…
  • Add more icons to your widget the moment you join a new service (and you will!) and the Wix will be updated wherever you embedded it.

Connecting your social networks

2. Sport widget: your favorite players, your favorite groups, you can embed it into your profile and change it following the changes in real life… (see example here )

3. Countdown widget: you’ve got a big campaign coming up? are you starting a new project that you want people to notice? are you planing to launch a new album? new song? new something? why not let Wix promote it?Or simply put: comment to your friends with Wix-countdown widgets, and it will update everyday or every time you want it to (use it as banner, newsletter…) you can see how the Anarchist Music Project A.N.A use it in MySpace press here.

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