Launch Time!

April 29th 2008 | Wix News

Big news – our new version is up and running (you can read a review about us at Techcrunch).

It’s our belief that community is out there in the wider world, not centered here at Wix headquarters. As we see it, Web communities grow and change organically, with content generated by users from all over the world. That puts you, the user, at the center – you own the content, you decide when and where to publish it, you embed it anywhere and, of course, we’re happy with any creative way you choose to do it!

Did you see our new cool features? (Some of you are already using them well!)

Now you can:

  • Add mini-pages that allow you to make small changes rather than major overhauls to your designs.(We also added a ton of new content)
  • Animate your content, simply by using the “animation” feature; you can now decide when and where your content will appear and how it will look (how about fading in smoothly?)
  • Draw from your own collection of visual content and present it in a photo album, carousel, or other creative layout.
  • Control the editor and HTML background of your published Wix. When you publish or edit your Wix, you can change the background color from the default blue to any color you’d like. Just click the multi-colored square that you can find in “settings” (in the “info” section inside it) and both your editor background and your published Wix background will be changed.

Some new features on Wix

New Flash website builder

website builder is launched

In the meantime, you can see some of our favorite designs created by Wix users in the ‘Explore’ section of the site.


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