Nir Zohar - Wix President & COO

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Nir Zohar

Web Creation Made Simple

Nir Zohar

President & COO

Nir has been with Wix since 2007 and he’s been the driving force behind the successful scaling of the company's operations from a small start-up into an international company serving tens of millions of users. Nir spearheads all efforts to develop and implement Wix' strategic plans geared towards accommodating the company's growth objectives and business goals.


Prior to joining Wix, Nir was the Budget and Production Manager for two years at M.B. Contact Ltd., a private Israeli event production company. Before that, Nir worked for The Jewish Agency and the Israeli Scouts. Nir’s experience stems from his position as Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer in the Israeli Navy.  

On his day off you catch him reading, spending time with his daughter or avidly following the NBA scores.